Directed Films

Double Frame

A teaser for an independent film. I directed a 17 minute version of a completed script about Floyd Barrow, and electrician framed not once but twice for crimes he didn’t commit. An ensemble cast of suspects, Floyd doesn’t know who he can trust, from coworker to girlfriend to psychiatrist to lawyer to… himself.

Double Frame (2 min)

This is a two minute version of the short teaser film above.


Set entirely to music, “Acceptance” is a short film about Benjamin, a young boy who loses his older brother, Daniel. By reflecting on love, loss, grief, Ben is able to allow his own faith to guide him and know that his sibling never really left him forever. By witnessing his son’s acceptance, his father begins to heal as well.

The World Has A Problem

An experimental film within a film, a young filmmaker for sees what the world couldn’t- a post apocalyptic future, where humanity destroyed most of itself. But his own short film lives on, exploring hatred, racism, and judgment by mankind on mankind.


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